reenex Neo-Collagen, 3-year youth revival. Solve dryness, large pores and fine lines in one go!

Revolutionary neo-collagen™ technology

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Awaken the powerful
Collagen BB Army that
locks moisture and nutrients.
Solve dryness, large pores
and fine lines in one go!
reenex首創膠原自生技術 Revolutionary Neo-Collagen technology Deep skin renewal Patented laser deeply penetrates into 500µm Collagen Zone, induce collagen self-generation Meticulous and gentle Each treatment reaches 500 touch points covering the whole face Global approval FDA, CE global certified for safety and efficacy Stay young for 3 years Medically proven revival result lasts for 3 years* in 6 treatments
*The results of “3-year Youth Revival” were proven by an European medical laser report: Fournier N, Lagarde JM, Turlier V, Courrech L, Mordon S. A 35-month profilometric and clinical evaluation of non-ablative remodeling using a 1540-nm Er:glass laser. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2004 Nov;6(3):126-30. The treatment results and progress may vary with individual’s skin and physical conditions.
Treatment Process
Register for free trial reenex Neo-Collagen™ treatment of your choice (Valued at HK$800)
One Advanced Collagen Remodeling Treatment (cheeks to chin) Pump up skin with Collagen BB Army Solve dryness, large pores and fine lines in one go! Stay young for 3 years* OR One CPS Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Dissolve aged skin cells, blackheads and acne Rejuvenate skin, increase visible smoothing of skin^ 登記免費體驗reenex膠原自生療程(價值$800) Complimentary gift upon completion of treatment: BIODERMA Sensibio H2O 250ml
(Valued at $188)
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** Gift will be awarded upon completion of the course of treatment. Gift may vary according to the promotional offer. Gift is limited while stock lasts.

*** This offer is only applicable to customers aged 18 or above and valid for first-time free trial of reenex treatment only

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reenex Neo-Collagen™
Brand Promises
Results in
one course
Hydrating Power↑
Refine pores
Reduce wrinkles
by 41%#
FDA, CE global
certification on
safety and efficacy
Professional Skin CV Analysis